Hotel description

Hotel "Ussuriysk" hotel is located in the heart of the city of Ussuriysk. Just steps away is the city administration, banking institutions, large shopping centres and various entertainment companies. We offer our guests rooms equipped with all desirable amenities. Individually coded locks in the rooms and round-the-clock monitoring service will make safe that your stay at our hotel. Guests, we are happy to offer to visit the best places of the city, located on-site brewery "S. V. D.", the restaurant "Taverna Captain flint". Convenient location and a variety of additional services make the hotel an attractive accommodation, it is equally comfortable for any guest. We have the best ratio of price and quality! Compared to other options in the city, guests get more for the same money. We are always happy to see you!

Address: 692519, Ussuriisk, Primorsky Krai, Ussuriisk, Nekrasova Street, 64

Terms of stay

Staff in the hotel are General and may vary depending on room type. Please check the description of Your room.

Booking cancellationFor cancellations less than 24 hours before arrival date will be charged a penalty equal to the cost of booked rooms for the first night of stay.
Children and extra bedsFor children under 12 years of age when the family settlement, without the provision, the fee is not charged.
PetsPet - 700 RUB/night (extra-Deposit - 2000 (two thousand) rubles for possible risks for damage to hotel property). In the absence of damage after stay in hotel, cash Deposit will be returned. In the case occurred deeper damages the guest is obliged to contribute additional funds to cover the consequences usermovie with animals, arrange accommodation if you have the appropriate vaccinations that should be confirmed by a certificate from a veterinary facility. Residents with Pets are responsible for the behavior of their Pets. In case of failure to comply with the Contractor's contract for services terminated.

Location, directions to the hotel

The hotel is located in the city center close to administrative, cultural and legal institutions and provides a high level of service and a range of hotel services. You need only 10 minutes to by car to get from the hotel to the train station, 5 minutes to the bus station, 60 -75 minutes from the airport.